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Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) Solution
Our solutions work together to manage and secure apps, data, and business connections, achieving Trusted Access. They also assure users that their privacy is intact.
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 If you configure and secure the work portion of devices, and allow for seamless use of work and personal apps, employees are more likely to use them. It’s important to make clear that these devices must have the same level of personal privacy as those not enrolled in a BYOD program. With Jamf, admins can:

  • Configure work-only settings
  • Secure connections to business applications
  • Build upon Apple’s strong security posture
  • Separate work and personal accounts to preserve end-user privacy


Trusted Access by Jamf is the only solution to deliver device management, user identity and endpoint protection.

With Jamf, enhanced security does not come at the expense of user experience.

Trusted Access ensures that only trusted users on enrolled, safe devices can access company data. This dramatically increases the security of your modern workplace while streamlining work for your users. The Jamf platform allows your users to feel empowered and productive, while also maintaining the highest levels of protection for your devices and sensitive company data — regardless of where work happens.

Trusted Access
Jamf’s recent Security 360 report found that “in 2022, 21% of employees were using devices that were misconfigured, exposing them to risk.” When devices access work resources, they need to be set up for success.
Employees use mobile regardless 17% of employees use their personal devices for work without telling IT.


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Jamf Pro separates work and personal accounts with Apple’s User Enrolment. This prevents organisations from seeing or controlling personal data.
• Configure access to corporate services, including WIFI, email, and contacts.
• Distribute and manage the entire library of work iOS or iPadOS apps.
• Deploy data loss prevention policies, preventing data flow from managed to unmanaged apps.
• Provide the native Apple experience iOS users want from enrolment to day-to-day use.


Jamf Connect ensures that only authorized users on managed devices can access work apps and data. Jamf Trust is the end user app for Jamf Connect.
• Offer secure, encrypted connections to business applications with Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)
• Manage network traffic at the app level and further preserve privacy by configuring ZTNA via Per-App VPN


Jamf Protect enhances Apple’s strong security to defend organisational data. Jamf Trust is the end user app for Jamf Protect.
• Manage app risk with workflows that vet apps to remove vulnerable or leaky applications.
• Detect and intercept Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) attacks.
• Perform security checks like monitoring for out-of-date or vulnerable OS versions.

JAMF executive threat protection

JAMF executive threat protection

Jamf Executive Threat Protection is an advanced detection and response solution that gives organizations a sophisticated, remote method to know what has happened on their mobile devices and the tools to respond to advanced attacks.

Detect and destroy sophisticated mobile attacks.

Jamf Executive Threat Protection goes beyond management and security to extend visibility into attacks that target your most important users.

Detect faster: Even the most sophisticated attacks leave a data trail, but you need to know what to look for. Jamf performs deep analysis to identify indicators of compromise (IOC) and straightforwardly presents these advanced detections to security teams. Where sophisticated zero-day attacks would otherwise remain hidden, Jamf Executive Threat Protection shines a spotlight.

Remediate confidently. Automatically construct a timeline of suspicious events that shows when and how a device was compromised. Built-in response tools allow security teams to destroy advanced persistent threats (APT) and keep users safe while ongoing monitoring assures that the threat is eliminated. Gain extended visibility into your mobile fleet with sophisticated analysis and curated insights from Jamf Threat Labs researchers. Get started today.

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Who benefits from JAMF EXECUTIVE?

AMF Executive is tailored for frequent travelers and those connecting devices to various networks like airports or public setups. It offers top-tier mobile threat protection ideal for C-Level directors, public sector personnel, and corporate users seeking robust security.