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The hospital attack surface continues to grow – breaches are increasingly originating from medical and IoT devices, and ransomware attacks on healthcare delivery organizations are on the rise, threatening optimal patient outcomes and hospital revenue.

Cynerio’s Attack Detection and Response for Healthcare IoT empowers hospitals to identify, contain and mitigate threats on devices exhibiting malicious or suspicious behavior so that patient health and service provision won’t be impacted. Thorough remediation, including the collection of actionable forensics, can then be performed when the device is not in use to accelerate rapid attack recovery.

Prevent Risk Management

Detects and remediates exploitable healthcare IoT device risk factors that facilitate attacks. Enables micro-segmentation of the healthcare IoT devices on your hospital’s network in weeks.

Attack Detection and Response (ADR)

Identified and stops live attacks on healthcare IoT devices where typical IT security tools offer little visibility or actionability. Stops attacks on day one of deployment.

Gestión preventiva de riesgo


Threat actors targeting hospitals are increasingly using connected medical devices and other IoT infrastructure as their way in. With ransomware and breaches on the rise, healthcare providers need to take a more aggressive stance against the attackers targeting them, and the Cynerio IoT Attack Detection and Response for Healthcare module provides the tools to keep patients and the devices connected to them safe from harm from day one.

Cynerio’s Attack Detection and Response empowers hospitals to immediately identify attacks and quarantine connected devices exhibiting malicious or suspicious activity. 

At Policomp, we combine this technology with our Policomp Medical SOC that gives visibility to all connected medical devices monitoring incoming threats 24/7.

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